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PrimeCoverThese galleries are dedicated to the memory of Phillip Lloyd Powell. Phill was a uniquely talented and imaginative artisan. Those lucky enough to have known him will miss his infectious zest for life and his enthusiasm for all things creative. He was a valuable teacher, and a generous and encouraging mentor and a friend.

These galleries offer memories and views of Phill’s life and work.

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The Early Years


The New Hope Years


The Furniture

6 thoughts about Phill

  1. John Zerrer Post author

    Thank you for visiting this small tribute to our friend Phillip Lloyd Powell. Phill was truly a master and the fond memories of his life and work will stay with us forever. Please enjoy these images of Phill’s life and work and feel free to share your memories.

    A special thanks goes out to the friends, family and associates of Phill who captured the images above.

  2. MJ Post author

    Thank you for posting this for our enjoyment! I have several PLP pieces that my parents purchased from him in New Hope in the early 60’s;

  3. marc weiss Post author

    I was a friend of Phills’ since 1967 when he opened “The Trip” in Atlantic City NJ.
    In years to come I would visit him at his other home on 202, he turned me on to Lou Reed .
    I also would visit him at his Main street home and we would sit out back and talk.

    I have his original memo board out of wood that was hanging in his work shop on the wall that he would jot down phone numbers on,

    thanks for this memory here.

  4. Herb Spiegel Post author

    Phill and I were friends for more than 40 years. I was privileged and honored to both present his eulogy at his memorial service and to speak at the dedication of his doors at the Mischener Museum. Joan and I were was with him the night before his fatal accident. He was a friend and steady guest at our home. We had breakfast three days a week at Sneddons and every Saturday at the coffee shop. The Saturday morning he didn’t appear for coffee was one of the saddest days of my life. It was his last day alive. There is a void in our life that will never be filled. His passing (he hated that word) has changed so many of us. He was our “glue” and his friends and the whole community miss him greatly. We think of him every day.

  5. Jeanette (Bonk) Talese Post author

    Phill’s smile assured that love, peace, and hope were around us and within us every day. The photos are a great reminder of a wonderful sunbeam. Thank you.

  6. Birdie Miller Post author

    Hi John,
    I never knew Phillip Powell. I remembered his showroom accross from New Hope Arts. I really enjoyed the photo essay of him and his work, of which (some) seemed to come out of my dreams also. I was really impressed with his designs and work. He looked like a happy guy!

    Your site is also very nice!


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